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Future Architects 2023 showcase: unvieling tomorrow's innovations

A new addition to Cityscape Qatar in 2023, The Future Architects Showcase, is a platform that celebrates the creative vision of university students in the field of architecture.  This event provided a unique opportunity for aspiring architects to showcase their cutting-edge projects, engage with industry professionals and receive instant feedback on their design and vision of the future.

Through innovative designs, sustainable solutions and thoughtful approaches, an evolving landscape of possibilities was presented, bringing together students, professionals, and enthusiasts in their shared passion for architectural innovation.

Stay tuned for content announcements later this year! 

Future Architects 2023 highlights

  • The event space was transformed into an exhibition, showcasing architectural models, sketches and presentations by our future architects 
  • Each student had an allocated time to present their project, creating an interactive session for our industry experts to provide feedback to the students after their presentation 
  • Q&A sessions allowed attendees to engage with the students, fostering meaningful discussions about architectural ideas